Our expertise

Industrial brokerage

As e-commerce has accelerated and production relocations have intensified in the last years, so too have City Logistics’ efforts in the industrial real estate sector. From the biggest projects to the smallest, they are all subject of interest of our company. Why? Because in each of them lies an opportunity that leads to another..

We can assist you in every stage of the process, from searching or starting the development of a property to its takeover.

We scrutinize the market, identify optimal sites, negotiate leases, provide build-to-suit options, monitor project costs, and manage lease reviews and renewals.

Land Brokerage

Whether you are buying or selling a plot of land, our experience can help define the best profitable use for your property.

Landowners, business owners, developers, or speculative investors alike can all benefit from City Logistics‘ exceptional ability to maximize the potential of your land brokerage deal.

Buying or selling, our goal is to unlock the highets return for you and foster an environment to get the deal done.

Tenant Representation

Knowing how the market actually works, our interested is to keep our clients safe from the most common negotiations mistakes and/or lease contract traps.

During contract negotiations, we are keen eye for the best bargains, struggling to obtain the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet our customer requirements.

Throughout the entire project, City Logistics will be by your side, ensuring a regular follow-up and keeping you informed and always up-to-date, because when things get tough, knowing that the one next to you is one of the best, it’s a relief..

Landlord Representation

Every property bears a unique combination of strengths that a landlord or property owner can leverage to their advantage.

City Logistics landlord representation experts will help you sidestep common pitfalls and help you attract the right tenants.

We carefully analyse the local market to identify opportunities and help property owners achieve their goals.

We have the platform to showcase what sets your brand and your asset apart from the competition and the local market intelligence and network to land you the ideal partners.